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1615 Committees


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1615 Website Committee

Information on our Website including Committee members, contact information, Submitting items for the Website and / or our Newsletter. Meeting dates of the Committee along with the mandate and minutes of meetings can also be found here.

1615 Constitutional (By-law) Amendments Committee

For all the information on the Constitutional Amendments Committee, its mandate, meeting schedule, minutes of meetings and more.

1615 Grievance (Shop Steward) Committee

Contact information for Stewards, Grievance procedures, Committee meeting dates, and other information important to members.

CUPE 1615 Scholarship Committee

See this section for information on how to apply for scholarships.

Executive Officers 2010 -2012

All Executive Officers are elected at our Biennial General Meeting held in January. The present Executive term runs until January 2012 with the exeption of the Trustees. A three year trustee position will also be filled during the 2011 January meeting and the 2012 Biennial General Meeting.

Education Committee Information

CUPE Courses Offered Winter 2010. Education Committee members and contact information. How to apply for education.