The CUPE Constitution belongs to the members of CUPE and it determines the Union’s goals and how the Union operates at a national level. It forms the basis for the functioning of the more than 2,100 CUPE Local Unions across Canada.

CUPE 1615 Constitution By-Laws

Our by-laws set out the rules for how we democratically elects our representatives, and how the local is run and has to respect the CUPE Constitution. View the By-Laws section on this website, or view the pdf document below.


In order to improve the social and economic welfare of its members without regard to age, physical and/or mental disability, race, creed, colour, national origin, political or religious affiliation, sex, sexual orientation, marital status, place of residence, membership or activity in any Union, to promote efficiency in public employment and to manifest its beliefs in the value of unity of organized labour, this Local of the Canadian Union of Public Employees (hereinafter referred to as CUPE) has been formed.

The following By-Laws are adopted by the Local pursuant to, and to supplement the CUPE constitution, to safeguard the rights of all members, to provide for responsible administration of the Local, and to involve as many members as possible through the sharing of duties and responsibilities.