General, Honorary Members, Amendment

Section 18. General

18.1   Donations

  1. Within a fiscal year, the Local may spend up to a maximum of $5,000 for the purpose of donations. Donations may be solicited by organizations in writing or by Local union members soliciting on their behalf and voted on at regular membership meetings. Donations to organizations shall be limited to a maximum of $250.00 each year. The Recording Secretary shall keep a running total of all donations to organizations in the minutes of the regular monthly membership meetings.
  2. In instances where solicitations cannot be presented to a membership meeting the Board may approve such donations. All such decisions shall be presented to the next regular membership meeting.
  3. When presenting the minutes at the September membership meeting the Recording Secretary shall report to the membership the total of all donations awarded in the previous year.
  4. Strike appeals and donations to aid various local, national and international humanitarian effects in times of disaster shall not be constrained by (a) above and shall be entertained when they arise. No donation of this sort shall be greater than $1,000.00 without approval from the membership.

18.2   Annual Media Advertisements and Special Event Participation

The Board shall be empowered to arrange media advertising for Labour Day, Christmas and other special occasions they deem appropriate. The Board shall also be empowered to approve funding for members of the Local to participate at Remembrance Day, Injured/Killed on the Job Workers Day, International Women’s Day, or any other similar labour related special event.

18.3   Payment of Incidental Fees

The Board is empowered to provide for the payment of incidental costs incurred by members while on official Union business [i.e. childcare fees, taxis, parking tickets (excluding No Parking, Loading or Disabled Zones)]. Mileage rates will be set as the same as those of CUPE National.

18.4   CUPE National or CUPE Newfoundland and Labrador Division Executive and Committee membership

  1. Local members who sit on CUPE National or Division executives or committees shall be entitled to the same out of pocket rates as outlined in these By-Laws while on business for CUPE National or Division. Where out of pocket rates paid by CUPE National or Division are less than those paid by Local 1615, affected members shall be entitled to “top up” to the rates paid by Local 1615.
  2. Local members who sit on CUPE National or Division executives or committees shall be entitled to apply for an advance from Local 1615 on out of pocket expenses from CUPE National or Division provided the Secretary Treasurer is given at least 72 hours notice. The Secretary-Treasurer will be required to ensure all advances to members be collected and properly
    documented in accordance with good accounting practices.

Section 19. Honorary Members

19.1   At any membership meeting, nominations can be accepted and voted on by members to bestow the title of Honorary Member on any member in good standing who contributes in some outstanding way to the cause of this Local.

19.2   Names of Honorary Members shall be listed under this article in the CUPE Local 1615 constitution and those selected, even if deceased, will be granted all rights and privileges of this Local.

Honorary Members:

Eric Baggs
Patti Bryant
John Butters
Vivian Dawe
Helger Eckenweber
Morley Garrett
Bev Greene
John Haggas
Lorraine Jackson
Marcel Juteau
Carol Kennedy
Dawn Learning
John Lewis
Mary McGrath
Mike Murphy
Paul Murphy
Frank Pippy
Jane Ryan
Mike Ryan
Peggy Sturge
Michael Sullivan
Ralph Tapper
Teresa Toope
Patrick Tyler
Irene Whitfield
Judy Winsor


19.3   Honorary members are encouraged to attend all local functions and meetings, with voice but not vote.

Section 20. Amendment

20.1   These By-Laws are always subordinate to the CUPE Constitution (including Appendix “B”) as it now exists or may be amended from time to time and in the event of any conflict, between these by-laws and the CUPE Constitution, the latter shall govern. Constitutional interpretation, including determination of conflict, is the prerogative of the National President (Articles 9.2 (c), 13.3, B.5.1).

20.2   These By-Laws shall not be amended, added to or suspended except upon a two-thirds majority vote of those present and voting at a regular or special membership meeting, which will include a simultaneous vote at Grenfell Campus, following seven days’ notice at a previous meeting or at least 60 days’ written notice (Article 13.3 & B.5.1).

20.3   No change in these By-Laws shall be valid and take effect until approved by the National President of CUPE. Their validity shall date from the letter of approval of the National President (Articles 13.3 & B.5.1).