Revisions, Harassment, University Closures

Article 44. Revision by Mutual Consent

44.01   Any Article in this Agreement, other than the duration of the Agreement, may be altered or amended by mutual consent of the parties thereto.

Article 45. Personal and Sexual Harassment

45.01   The procedures on personal and sexual harassment shall be as per the University policy.

Article 46. Closure of the University

46.01   Where the University is officially closed for natural causes beyond its control, the University agrees that:

1. For those employees scheduled to work and who are unable to get to work:

  1. no loss of pay
  2. no loss of vacation
  3. Employees who are not required to report to work during a closure will incur no loss of pay.
  4. When the University remains open, employees should make every effort to report to work. In the event that an employee is unable to report to the workplace but where the University remains open, the employee may cover missed time by utilizing accrued annual leave or overtime where eligible, operationally feasible, and as approved by the Supervisor. The number of hours of leave required is based on the employee’s regular work schedule and the time the University officially closed.

2. Subject to Item (4), for those employees scheduled to work and do work, no extra pay.

3. For those employees scheduled to work and who work an extra shift or shifts, above their normally scheduled shift, overtime pay in accordance with the provisions of the Collective Agreement.

4. Employees who have been notified that they are required to report for work or who are classed as essential employees, in addition to their normal pay for that day, time off on an hour-for-hour basis at a mutually agreed time.

5. Employees in either of the categories under (4) above who refuse to report for work when required shall not be entitled to any pay for that day. However, if a required employee is unable to report for work, annual leave may be requested to cover lost time.

6. Employees who were not intending to be at work and who had scheduled a pre-approved leave on the day of closure in addition to the day prior or the day following the day of closure will have their leave processed as requested.

7. If the University re-opens during the workday, employees are required to report to work at the time of re-opening. In the event that an employee is unable to report to the workplace, the employee may cover missed time by utilizing accrued annual leave or overtime where eligible, operationally feasible, and as approved by the Supervisor.