Temporary Assignment

Article 32. Temporary Assignment


  1. In case of temporary assignment, the Employer shall select for temporary assignment the senior employee from within the Department or Division of a Department concerned provided that the employee has the qualifications and capability to perform the work required.
  2. Providing that no suitable senior employee is selected from within the Department or Division of the Department concerned; the vacancy shall be posted as a temporary assignment as per Article 20, Job Posting, provided the temporary assignment is in excess of thirteen (13) weeks.

32.02   When an employee is temporarily assigned or seconded within the University to perform any duties in a position in a higher band level, that employee shall be entitled to the salary established in accordance with Clause 32.08.

32.03   Subject to Clause 32.08, when an employee is temporarily assigned or seconded within the University to perform work in a position in a lower band level, the employee shall be paid at the employee’s regular rate.

32.04   When an employee applies for and is accepted for a temporary assignment or secondment within the University to a position in a lower band level the employee shall be entitled to the salary established in accordance with Clause 21.14.

32.05   Where an employee is placed on temporary assignment or secondment within the University for a period of one year or more, the employee shall have the salary counted towards pensionable salary, effective the date of the initial temporary assignment or secondment.

32.06   After an employee has been on temporary assignment or secondment within the University for a continuous period of one year, the employee shall have the salary counted towards pensionable salary, effective the date of the initial temporary assignment or secondment.

32.07   Where an employee is required to perform overtime work which is outside the employee’s classification, overtime pay shall be based upon the rate applicable to such classification.

32.08   An employee who is temporarily assigned to a position carrying a higher salary scale, the rate of pay shall be established at the nearest step on the new salary scale which exceeds the employee’s existing rate by not less than five percent (5%), but not to exceed the maximum of the new salary scale. Salary increases are calculated based on an employee’s permanent position salary, unless the employee has been assigned to another position for more than one year, in which case salary increases will be calculated based on the employee’s Existing Rate.

32.09   Access to Temporary Assignment

Employees who apply for temporary assignments outside of their own departments as per the provisions of Article 32:01 (b) and are deemed as the successful applicant shall be permitted to move into the temporary assignment subject to the operational requirements of the Employer and the availability of qualified replacement staff. Such assignments must be for greater than six (6) months and less than two (2) years. Further extension may be considered with mutual consent from the Employer and Union.

32.10   Higher Rated Pay on Temporary Assignment

Employees who are temporarily assigned to a higher rated position must occupy the higher rated position for a minimum of one (1) complete shift before accessing the higher rate of pay.