Assisted Leave, Leave Without Pay

Article 31. Other Leaves

31.01   Assisted Leave

The University recognizes the value of continuing education to the advancement of the University, the employees and community as a whole. With this in mind the Bargaining Unit members shall be entitled to apply for assisted leave to improve their qualifications or to pursue a higher degree subject to the following conditions and the needs of the University:

  1. Applications for leave will be directed to the Director of Human Resources through the Heads, Directors, et cetera of the Departments at least three (3) months in advance of the commencement of such leave. Response by the Director of Human Resources will be made within two (2) months of such requests.
  2. Upon the granting of educational leave, the employee will receive an educational grant equivalent to forty (40) percent of the employee’s salary. The employee and the University agree to maintain the current cost-sharing basis of the benefits section of this Agreement (Article 40).
  3. The recipient of such assistance agrees to return to the recipient’s regular duties at the University for a period equal to that of the leave. Should this not occur, the employee agrees to reimburse the proportionate amount of the educational grant to the University.
  4. This Article will not prejudice any terms under Article 34.

31.02   Leave Without Pay

a. Leave without Pay – Less than 30 Days

On the recommendation of the Unit Head, where operational requirements permit, leave without pay may be granted for a period of less than 30 Days. During a leave without pay for a period of less than 30 Days, an Employee must maintain existing coverage under the University’s benefit plans.

To request a Leave Without Pay for a period of less than 30 Days, Employees are to complete a Reason for Absence request form.

b. Leave without Pay – Greater than 30 Days

On the recommendation of the Unit Head, and with the approval of the Campus Human Resources Designate, where operational requirements permit, leave without pay for a period up to one year may be granted to an Employee. Requests for leave without pay exceeding one year may be approved upon consideration of operational requirements and with the approval of the Campus Human Resources Designate.

The criteria to be considered in granting any leave without pay include, but are not limited to:

  • operational requirements
  • Employee’s length of service, period of leave requested, reason for the leave
  • whether a replacement is required
  • whether a replacement is available
  • benefits to the University
  • benefits to the Employee
  • professional development opportunity

An Employee’s request for leave without pay may be granted where the purpose of the leave is to pursue alternative employment where there is a demonstrated mutual benefit. It is the responsibility of the Unit Head or delegate to review all requests for Leave Without Pay to ensure that they fall within the policy guidelines before submissions are made to the
Department of Human Resources.

For periods of Leave Without Pay for greater than 30 Days, benefit and pension plan coverage is optional. When choosing to continue coverage the cost of insured benefits are paid fully by the Employee, except in cases of Maternity and Parental Leave for which the Employee is responsible for paying the Employee portion only. Arrangements for prepayment are to be made with the Department of Human Resources. To request a leave without pay for a period that is greater than 30 Days and to view available options for coverage while on leave, Employees are to complete a Leave without Pay (Greater than 30 Days) Request Form.

c. Military Leave

The University recognizes the value of military service through partnering with the Reserve Force by agreeing to support its members. With this in mind, employees shall be provided, wherever possible, with leave without pay as set out above for related training and service.

d. Compassionate Care Leave

In accordance with Employment and Social Development Canada, Employment Insurance Program for Compassionate Care Benefits, the employer shall grant the employee compassionate leave without pay for up to a period of twenty-eight (28) weeks in order to care for a gravely ill family member as defined by Social Development Canada.

  1. An employee may return to duty after giving their Employer two (2) weeks’ notice of their intention to do so.
  2. The employee shall resume their former position and salary upon return from leave with no loss of accrued benefits.
  3. Periods of leave under this clause shall count for severance pay, seniority, annual leave and awarding of increments.

e. Compassionate Care Leave (continued)

Employees on leave under this clause who are part of the Group Insurance Plan and/or the Memorial University Pension Plan may be permitted to continue to participate in accordance with the policies established for those Plans.