General Conditions, Contractuals, Duration of Agreement

Article 50. General Conditions

50.01   The University agrees that a section of at least one (1) bulletin board in each major building will be reserved for the use of the Canadian Union of Public Employees, Local 1615, for Union business.

50.02   The Employer agrees that the Union shall have the right to post notices of meetings and such other notices as may be of interest to the employees on bulletin boards.

50.03   The Employer agrees to maintain present practice regarding the supply of tools and equipment required by employees in the performance of their duties.

50.04   A first aid kit shall be supplied by the Employer to each mobile unit and at other appropriate locations of the Employer.

50.05   Lockers or suitable storage areas shall be provided for the street clothing of all employees who work in laboratories where hazardous chemical substances are being used.

50.06   All Articles in the Collective Agreement will take effect as of the date of signing with the exception of those Articles which have a specific effective date.

Article 51. Contractuals

51.01   Contractual employees who have been employed in the same contractual position for five (5) continuous years will be made permanent on their fifth (5) anniversary date provided it is not a replacement position.

51.02   Contractual positions which have been in existence for five (5) continuous years and held without interruption by a number of employees during the five-year period shall be converted to permanent positions where it is not a replacement position. Where the incumbent has not occupied the position for a period of five (5) continuous years: one month prior to the expiration of the incumbent contractual employee’s contract of employment immediately following the fifth (5th) anniversary of the existence of the position, the position shall be posted in accordance with Article 20 – Job Posting.

51.03   A contractual employee’s letter of appointment shall include reference to the following: start date and end date of the appointment; salary; band level; step level; period of notice (two weeks’ notice for contracts less than six (6) months’ duration, four weeks’ notice for contracts more than six (6) months’ duration); and, eligibility to participate in the Pension and Benefit Plans in accordance with the policies established for those plans.

Article 52. Duration of Agreement

52.01   Except as otherwise provided, the Agreement shall be effective from the date of signing and shall remain in full force and effect until March 31, 2026 and from year to year thereafter, unless either of the parties gives notice in writing, not more than one hundred and twenty (120) calendar days and not less than thirty (30) calendar days immediately before the date of expiration of this Agreement, of its desire to commence collective bargaining with a view to the renewal or revision of this Agreement or the conclusion of a new Agreement.