2022-2024 Executive

President Bill Kavanagh 709-864-2393
First Vice President Christine Ivey 709-864-8324
Second Vice President Mike Owens n/a n/a
Third Vice President Diane Johnson 709-637-6249
Secretary Treasurer Natalie Webber 709-864-8476
Recording Secretary Scott Quilty
Membership Officer Mike Owens


If you have questions about our Collective Agreement or are in need of union representation, it is strongly recommended that you contact our CUPE 1615 Stewards group at

Chief Steward Bill Kavanagh 709-864-2393
Steward Shawn Organ 709-864-8906
Steward Christine Ivey 709-864-8324
Steward (Grenfell Campus) Diane Johnson 709-637-6249
Steward Natalie Webber 709-864-8476
Steward Scott Quilty
Steward Mike Owens
Steward Alice Canning 709-864-4501


Trustee (Outgoing) Steven Smith 1 yr Term from 2022/01/11
Trustee Timothy Strange 2 yr Term from 2022/01/11
Trustee Bill Gin 3 yr Term from 2022/01/11