Article 3. Management Rights

3.01   All functions, rights, powers, and authority which are not specifically abridged, delegated, or modified by this Agreement are recognized by the Union as being vested in the Employer. The question of whether any of these rights is limited by this Agreement may be decided through the grievance and arbitration procedures. The Employer shall not exercise its rights to direct the working forces in a discriminatory manner and shall exercise such rights, powers and authority in a fair, equitable and reasonable manner.

Article 4. Employee Rights

4.01   Notwithstanding anything contained in this Agreement, any employee may present a personal complaint to the Employer.

4.02   At the employee’s request, the employee shall be entitled to union representation at meetings with the Employer on all matters pertaining to employer-employee relations.

4.03   No employee shall be permitted or required to make a written or verbal agreement with the Employer which may conflict with the terms of this Agreement.

4.04   Employees who do not wish to have Union representation at a meeting will be required to sign a waiver form waiving this right as attached in Appendix H. This waiver form will form part of the employee’s personnel file.