Negotiating Committee


Bill Kavanagh 709-864-2393
Shawn Organ 709-864-8906
Christine Ivey 709-864-8324
Diane Johnson 709-637-6249
Natalie Webber 709-864-8476
Scott Quilty
Mike Owens


(a) The Committee is selected at a membership meeting at least six (6) months prior to the expiry of the Local‘s collective agreement and automatically disbanded when a new collective agreement has been signed.

(b) The function of the Committee is to prepare collective bargaining proposals and to negotiate a collective agreement.

(c) The Executive Board shall issue the notice for the election of the Committee. The notice for election will be published in the Local’s newsletter and posted on its web site. The election may take place during a regular monthly meeting or at a special meeting called for that purpose.

(d) The Committee shall consist of seven members (six members from St. John’s and one member from Corner Brook), all elected at a membership meeting. All reasonable efforts will be made to enable the Corner Brook representative to participate in Negotiating Committee meetings and discussions, and actual negotiation sessions with the Employer. From its members the Committee shall elect a Chair and Secretary. The CUPE representative assigned to the Local shall be a non-voting member of the Committee and shall be consulted at all stages from formulating proposals, through negotiations, to contract ratification by the membership.

(e) All Committee members will have attended CUPE Bargaining Committee training prior to negotiations. If the CUPE Bargaining Committee training is not available in a timely manner then other forms of training will suffice. All training will be arranged by the Education Committee as approved by the Executive Board and follow the standard practices the Local uses for sending members to attend training.

(f) The first task of the newly elected Committee shall be to issue a call for proposals. This call for proposals shall be published in the Local’s newsletter and posted on its web site.

(g) Well in advance of the first bargaining session between the Committee and the Employer, a special meeting will be scheduled with the membership to discuss the Committee’s list of proposals. If any previously submitted proposal is not included in this package, the Committee can be requested to explain their rationale for its exclusion. Any member wishing to have an excluded proposal included in the Committee’s list of proposals may make a formal motion and those attending that meeting shall decide by majority vote. At this special meeting, discussion and debate will also be permitted concerning monetary issues. However, the Committee shall have the privilege of non-disclosure of its monetary final proposals.

(h) During the course of negotiations it is the Committee’s duty to report back to the membership regarding the progress of negotiations. Whether information on a specific issue can be reported back will depend on the speed at which negotiations are progressing and the complexity of the issue. However, the committee will be guided by their duty to report to the membership and the membership’s right to be aware of all information.

(i) The Negotiating Committee shall be entitled to a per diem of $35 per day when meeting with the Committee and/or when in negotiations with Memorial University.