Job Posting

Article 20. Job Posting


  1. When a vacancy or new job opening occurs for a position within the Bargaining Unit, the Employer will post notices of the position in accessible places on the Employer’s premises. Such notices shall contain all pertinent information and shall be posted for a minimum of five (5) days. Applicants from within the Bargaining Unit, including those on layoff status and contractual employees whose contracts of employment have been lapsed for less than twenty-four (24) months will be considered and a decision made before advertising outside the University.
  2. Notwithstanding the above, simultaneous advertising inside and outside the University may be utilized by the mutual consent of the parties.
  3. Contractual Employees who leave a Bargaining Unit position prior to the contract end date but remain employed with the University shall retain the right to apply for bargaining unit positions for twenty four (24) months and will be considered and a decision made before applicants from outside the bargaining unit are considered.
  4. Notwithstanding the above, the Employer may simultaneously advertise inside and outside the University under the following conditions:
    • where an identified position has been advertised within the University in the last three (3) months without an internal union applicant meeting the minimum qualifications, and
    • for specific skill set positions where there is a limited availability of qualified individuals, and
    • where there has been a demonstrated difficulty in filling positions in the past,
    • where the position is classified at Band Level 1.

    When simultaneously advertising inside and outside the University the Employer shall:

    • advise the Union of all positions that are simultaneously advertised,
    • Screen all Union applicants before outside applications are opened,
    • Not share information concerning external applicants will with the departments concerned until all internal applicants have been processed,
  5. Copies of all job postings shall be available to the Union.

20.02   Such notices shall contain information consistent with the classification specification.

20.03   The Employer will acknowledge in writing receipt of applications for all job vacancies within ten (10) days.

20.04   The Employer may consider applicants from a previous internal competition for a position with the same job title and qualifications. Such position must be within the same unit as the former posting and must occur within three (3) months of the original competition closing date.

The original posting must contain the following notation: “This competition may be used to fill identical positions in this unit within three (3) months of the closing date”.

Should the Employer not fill the subsequent vacancy in the above noted manner then the position shall be posted as per the provisions of Article 20 “Job Postings” of the collective agreement.