Travel and Moving Expenses

Article 33. Travel and Moving Expenses


  1. The rates for travel shall be those established in accordance with the University Policy and procedures Manual. The Union shall be updated as to any changes of the rates contained in the Manual.
  2. Employees traveling for less than one (1) full day which does not involve an overnight stay shall be entitled to claim the applicable meals only. The individual meal rates, including gratuity, are as set out in the University Policy and Procedures Manual.

33.02   An employee may, with the prior approval of the Department Head, use the employee’s personally owned vehicle for University business and be compensated for such use in accordance with the rates contained within the University Policy and Procedures Manual.

33.03   An employee on travel status in excess of two (2) consecutive nights shall be reimbursed as per the University’s travel policy.


a. For the purpose of this Article, “travel time” means travel on University business authorized by the Department Head, for an employee by land, sea, or air, between the employee’s normal place of work as defined by the University and a location outside the employee’s normal place of work to perform duties assigned to the employee by the Department Head and during which the employee is required to travel outside the employee’s normal scheduled shift.

b. “Travel time” and the methods of travel shall require the prior approval of the Department Head.


  1. When the method of travel is determined by the Department Head, compensation for “travel time” shall be paid for the length of time between the employee’s departure from any location designated by the Department Head and the employee’s arrival at the employee’s place of lodging or work, whichever is applicable, at the authorized destination.
  2. An employee may, with the prior approval of the Department Head, set the employee’s own travel arrangements. The compensations payable may not, however, in any case be greater than if the travel arrangements had been set in accordance with Clause 33.04 (c) (i).

d. Subject to Clause 33.04 (c) (i), an employee who is required by the Department Head to engage in “travel time” shall be compensated at straight time rates for all “travel time” provided that the maximum amount claimable in any one day does not exceed a regular day’s pay.

e. Travel time is to be compensated as follows:

  1. For travel by air, sea, rail, and other forms of public transportation, the time between the scheduled time of departure and the scheduled time of arrival at a destination plus one-half (½) hour.
  2. For travel by personal or University vehicle, the time required to proceed from the employee’s place of residence or work place, as applicable, directly to destination, and upon the employee’s return, directly back to the employee’s residence or work place. For the purpose of this sub-clause, travel time compensation will be based on one (1) hour for each 72 kilometres (forty-five) (45) miles to be travelled.

f. Notwithstanding any provisions in this Article, compensation will not be paid:

  1. To employees whose “travel time” during any three (3) month consecutive period does not exceed twenty (20) hours; or
  2. For travel in connection with transfers, educational courses, training sessions, conferences, seminars, or employment interviews.

33.05   A newly appointed employee or an employee who is transferred shall receive one-way economy air fare and/or public conveyance fare for the employee, spouse, and children from the employee’s then place of residence to the employee’s normal place of work as defined by the University. If the employee travels by private motor vehicle, or by other than the most direct route, the employee will be reimbursed the actual cost of travel up to the amount of economy class air fare and/or public conveyance fare. Vouchers covering travelling expenses must be produced when the reimbursement is claimed.

33.06   The University will contribute up to seventy-five percent of the cost of moving an agreed amount of household goods and effects from the then place of residence to the employee’s normal place of work by surface freight. No reimbursement will be made for transportation of a motor vehicle, except in accordance with Clause 33.05 above. The University will also pay living expenses incurred by the employee and the employee’s family for one (1) day at the employee’s then place of residence and for a reasonable period at the employee’s normal place of work.

33.07   An employee who voluntarily fails to complete two (2) years of service with the University from the date of initial appointment or any special contracted period, must repay one-half (1/2) of the amount that was expended by the University on the employee’s movement to and settlement in the employee’s normal place of work as defined by the University.