Technological Change, Daycare, Contracting Out

Article 47. Technological Change

47.01   In the event that the Employer should introduce new methods or machines which require new or greater skills than are possessed by employees under the present method of operation, such employees shall be given a reasonable period of time during which they may perfect or acquire the skills necessitated by the new method of operation. There shall be no change in wage or salary rates during the training period of any such employees.

47.02   In the event of a technological change causing the termination of an employee, the Employer will follow the provision of Article 22, Clause 22.03.

47.03   No additional employee shall be hired by the Employer to replace any employee affected by the technological change or new method of operation until the employees already working and affected by the change have been notified and allowed a training period to acquire the necessary knowledge or skill for the trainee to retain employment, as provided for under Article 47.01.

47.04   Where it is necessary for an employee to upgrade skills as a result of technological change and where the University requires an employee to take courses the University shall pay the tuition for such courses. Where the University requires an employee to participate in training during regular work hours, the University shall pay the employee for time spent in training at the employee’s regular rate of salary. Where the University requires an employee to participate in training outside of regular work hours, the University shall pay the employee for time spent taking the course outside of regular work hours in accordance with Article 26 – Overtime.

Article 48. Daycare

48.01   The University agrees to do all that is reasonably possible to assist the Union in securing suitable daycare facilities for the members of the Bargaining Unit.

Article 49. Contracting Out

49.01   No members of the bargaining unit will lose the member’s job because of a decision of the University to contract out work normally performed by members of the bargaining unit. An employee so affected will be offered another position within the University consistent with the employee’s qualifications and capabilities, without loss of pay or benefits.

49.02   Notwithstanding the provisions of Clause 49.03 and Clause 49.04, contracting out without notice may occur only to the extent required to maintain normal operations and to compensate for fluctuations in service levels and demand.

49.03   Prior to finalizing any decision about contracting out all or a significant part of any services provided by members of the bargaining unit, the University agrees to advise the Union of its intention to contract out with supporting reasons. Within thirty (30) days of such advice the Union may consult and/or make representations on the matter to the Employer to explore alternatives to contracting out in order to retain said work within the bargaining unit. Should the University thereafter decide to contract out, a further thirty (30) days notice will be given to the Union, prior to such contracting out.