Grievance Committee

The committee deals with and decides on grievances not settled at the initial stage.


Please contact all members of the committee as a collective using the following group email address.

Individuals on the Committee and their contact information is as follows.

Role Name Phone Email
Steward Bradley Cooper TBA
Steward, Grenfell Campus Diane Johnson (709) 637-6249*
Chief Steward Bill Kavanagh (709) 864-2393
Steward Mike Owens (709)-864-8317* TBA
Steward Scott Quilty (709) 864-2864*
Steward Natalie Webber (709) 864-8476

*This is not a CUPE 1615 phone number, but rather a work line for the member in their unit of work. If leaving a voicemail to these particular numbers, you should only leave the name of the member you are trying to reach, your name and the number at which to best reach you. If no answer or response to voicemail, consider trying one of the CUPE 1615 lines listed in Contact Us.


This Committee shall process all grievances not settled at the initial stage and its reports shall be submitted first to the Executive Board, with a copy to the CUPE Representative, and then to a membership meeting. Grievances must be in writing on the forms provided by the National Office and be signed by the complainant or complainants, as provided for in the collective agreement. The Committee shall be composed of the Local’s shop stewards and the President, who shall be known as the chief shop steward and shall serve as the committee’s chairperson. The Committee shall appoint a secretary from among its members.