Union Security and Dues Checkoff

Article 7. Union Security and Dues Checkoff

7.01   The Employer agrees to acquaint new employees with the fact that a Union Agreement is in effect and with the conditions of employment as set out in the Articles dealing with Union Security and Dues Checkoff.

7.02   The Employer agrees to honour a written assignment of dues to the Union certified as the bargaining agent and, unless the assignment is revoked in writing, delivered to the employer, the money so deducted shall be forwarded to the Treasurer of the Union, biweekly. The Employer will forward to the Union, each pay period, a deduction report identifying the following:

  • Employee ID
  • Activity status
  • Name
  • Number of hours worked
  • Department
  • Job class and title
  • Current, year to date, and initiation fee deduction
  • Campus
  • Email Address – where available

The cheque is directly deposited to the Union’s bank account.

7.03   All employees who are at the date of signing of this Agreement, or who become members of the Union, shall remain members during the term of this Agreement.

7.04   All employees not members of the Union coming within the Bargaining Unit will, as a condition of employment, pay the monthly dues of the Union upon hiring.

7.05   All new employees coming within the Bargaining Unit shall, from their date of hire, become and remain members of the Union.

7.06   Union Orientation Opportunity

A representative of the Union shall be given an opportunity to interview each new employee within regular working hours without loss of pay for a maximum of thirty (30) minutes during the first month of employment for the purpose of acquainting each new employee with the benefits and responsibilities of Union membership.

Where possible, such interviewing will take place on a group basis during the orientation program for new employees. The Shop Steward or representative will provide the new employee with a copy of the Collective Agreement.

In order to facilitate this interviewing opportunity the Employer shall provide a list of all new Union members, along with department and contact information, on a quarterly basis to the Union.

7.07  The Employer agrees to record on the employee’s T-4 statement the amount of membership dues deducted from the employee’s salary and paid to the Union.

7.08   The Employer agrees to forward to the Secretary/Treasurer of the Union, a listing of employees who are on training status. Such listing will be updated semi-annually.

7.09   The Employer shall continue to provide the current office space to CUPE Local 1615 at no cost to the Union.

7.10   The Union shall be provided upon request, twice during a calendar year, a list of its members along with the employees’ personal information in electronic format.