Annual Vacation

Article 29. Annual Vacation

29.01   Subject to Clauses 29.02 and 29.03, the amount of annual vacation leave which an employee shall be eligible for in any one (1) year shall be one and one-quarter (1 ¼) days for each month of service up to fifteen (15) working days.

29.02   Annual vacation leave entitlement shall be increased to twenty (20) working days on completion of ten (10) years of service and shall accrue at the rate of one and two-thirds (1 ⅔) days per month. An employee who has attained nine (9) years and six (6) months as of March 31 shall be considered to have ten (10) years of service for the purpose of this paragraph.

29.03   Annual vacation entitlement shall be increased to twenty-five (25) working days upon completion of twenty-five (25) years of service and shall accrue at the rate of two and one-twelfth (2 112) days per month. An employee who has attained twenty-four (24) years and six (6) months as of March 31 shall be considered to have twenty-five (25) years of service for the purpose of this paragraph.

29.04   A month of service shall mean a calendar month in respect of which the employee is paid at the rate of full salary for not less than two-thirds (⅔) of the number of working days in that month.

29.05   Fractions of annual vacation entitlement of one-half (½) a day or more shall be considered as one (1) full day.

29.06   The vacation year shall be from April 1 in any one (1) year to March 31 in the next succeeding year, and annual vacation entitlement shall be computed as of March 31. Notwithstanding the above, employees may request access to accrued vacation past March 31, subject to the provisions of Article 29.07.

29.07   Subject to operational requirements, the Department Head, in consultation with the employees, shall determine the method of selecting vacation dates. In the event that agreement cannot be reached, then seniority shall prevail. Vacation schedules shall be posted by May 1 each year, and shall not be changed except by mutual consent.

29.08   Annual vacation entitlement or portions thereof unused during the vacation year in which due shall be forfeited, subject to the following exceptions:

  1. An employee may carry forward to another year any portion of annual leave unused in previous years until by doing so the employee has accumulated a maximum of:
    1. Twenty (20) days annual vacation if the employee is eligible for fifteen (15) or twenty (20) days in any year.
    2. Twenty-five (25) days annual vacation if the employee is eligible for twenty-five (25) days in any year.
  2. Where, because of extended sickness or other disability, annual vacation due to an employee cannot be scheduled during the year in which it is due, payment in lieu of vacation may be made or the vacation due may be carried forward to another year subject to paragraph 29.08 (a) of this section.
  3. An employee who is required by the Department Head to defer annual vacation or a portion thereof to the following year, in the interests of the University, shall upon request, receive payment in lieu of vacation. Such deferrals must be approved in advance by the Director of Human Resources.
  4. An employee shall receive payment in lieu of time off for any unused annual vacation entitlement or portion thereof due the employee as of the effective date of the cessation of employment.

29.09   At the time of termination, any vacation taken in excess of total entitlement shall be adjusted for by deduction from salary and/or pension contributions.

29.10   Salary shall not be paid in lieu of vacation except under the provisions of paragraphs 29.08 (b) and (c) of this section.

29.11   Subject to Article 30.04 – Sick Leave, and Article 31.04 – Bereavement Leave, an employee who has entered upon annual vacation leave may not change the status of the employee’s absence to any other type of leave.

29.12   When a designated University holiday for an employee falls within the period of the employee’s annual leave, it shall not count as a day of annual leave.

29.13   Unused Vacation Paid to Estate
Any earned but unused vacation of a deceased employee shall be paid to such employee’s estate.