Education Committee


  • TBA


1. It shall be the duty of this Committee to:
(i) review all material received by the Local regarding schools, conferences,
conventions or any other sessions that may educate the membership;
(ii) make recommendations for all aspects of education for the Local at each
monthly meeting;
(iii) inform the executive board of its recommendations concerning education
related items which, due to untimely notification, need to be dealt with
before the next membership meeting. In the absence of a membership
meeting the Board shall approve, amend or reject such
recommendations and implement them. The executive shall report all
such decisions at the next scheduled regular monthly membership
(iv) review all education activities periodically keeping in mind the finances of
the Local and the education budget, if such has been approved by the

(v) co-ordinate with the Union Development and Communications
Departments of CUPE, and with the regional Education Representative,
in implementing both the Local’s and CUPE’s educational policies and
communications needs.
2. (i) The Committee shall be composed of five members, including at
least one member from Grenfell Campus. The Committee shall
appoint a secretary from among its members.
(ii) The secretary of the Education committee shall maintain, at all
times a list of all approved conferences, conventions, schools,
seminars and any other education sessions which members of
the Local have attended. The list shall also contain the names of
the members who attended and the location of each session. A
copy of this list shall be furnished to the Recording Secretary and
the Trustees committee upon request.