Access, Stewards, Time Off for Union Business

Article 17. Access and Shop Stewards

17.01  The Employer agrees that access to its premises shall be allowed to persons employed full-time by the Union and Shop Stewards for the purpose of interviewing an employee, and such interviews shall not interfere with the operation of the department concerned.

17.02  Permission to hold meetings on the premises of the Employer shall, in each case, be obtained from the Department Head or designate. Such permission shall not be unreasonably withheld, and such meeting shall not interfere with the operation of the department concerned.

17.03  The Employer agrees to recognize Shop Stewards appointed by the Union.

17.04  The Union shall inform the Employer of the names of all Shop Stewards as soon as possible after their appointment. The Employer shall advise the Union of the names of all Department Heads as soon as possible after their appointment.

17.05  Shop Stewards will be allowed to absent themselves from their duties for the purpose of handling grievances. Where time is required by the Shop Steward during working hours, the Steward shall request such time off from the Steward’s immediate supervisor. Such time off shall not be unreasonably withheld.

Article 18. Time Off for Union Business

18.01  With the approval in writing of the Director of Human Resources and/or designate and where the operational requirements permit, time off without loss of pay, benefits, and seniority, not to exceed two hundred (200) person days over two years, in total will be granted, provided there is no cost to the Employer.


  1. Time off without loss of pay, benefits, and seniority will be granted, to employees who are members of the Negotiating Committee while they are attending actual negotiating sessions, on the understanding that the number of employees in attendance at negotiations shall be kept to a maximum of seven (7), inclusive of the representatives of the Grenfell Campus.
  2. The Union shall provide as much notice to the Employer as is reasonably possible of the names of the members of the Union negotiating committee.

18.03  Leave without pay up to two (2) years, subject to renewal, shall be granted, upon application to the Board, to an employee upon being appointed or elected to a full-time office in the Canadian Union of Public Employees or its affiliates, including the Local Union President.