Labrador Allowance, Injury on Duty

Article 41. Labrador Allowance

41.01   Labrador benefits shall be provided in accordance with the Labrador Benefits Agreement included in this Agreement as Appendix “E”.

Article 42. Injury on Duty

42.01   Where an employee is injured while on duty, the employee shall receive full salary and benefits for the entire period of temporary disability as defined by WorkplaceNL, subject to Provincial legislative restrictions.

42.02   Where an employee is permanently and totally disabled as determined by WorkplaceNL, the employee shall be paid such pension and allowances by WorkplaceNL as set out in their Schedule of Benefits.

42.03   A permanently and totally disabled employee may continue to contribute to the University Pension Plan.

42.04   Where a permanently partially disabled employee is certified by a physician as fit to return to work, but can no longer carry out the duties of the employee’s position, every effort shall be made to place the employee in a position consistent with the employee’s qualifications and capabilities.

42.05   Where the injury was due to the employee’s willful misconduct, the employee may be disciplined in accordance with the provisions of Article 14.