Protective Clothing

Article 38. Protective Clothing

38.01   Where the Employer requires the wearing of protective clothing, the Employer shall provide such clothing free of charge to the employee. In cases where laundering is required, it shall be provided free of charge.

38.02   Where uniforms, protective clothing, or clothing allowances are currently provided by the Employer, the present practice shall continue.

38.03   It is agreed that the quantity, issue, and control of such clothing shall be regulated by the Employer.

38.04   Where safety boots are required by the Employer in accordance with safety regulations, the Employer shall reimburse the employee for the cost of safety boots up to a maximum of two hundred dollars ($200.00) per year or four hundred dollars ($400.00) every two (2) years upon presentation of a suitable invoice. Where specialty footwear or orthopedic aids is required to address medical issues as recommended by a medical specialist, the Employer shall reimburse the employee up to an additional fifty dollars ($50.00) every two (2) years.

38.05   Subject to approval by the Director or designate, employees in the Department of Technical Services who are required to wear PPE in accordance with Article 38, who damage personal clothing needed for their work during normal duties, which is not attributable to the employee’s negligence, shall be reimbursed up to a maximum of one-hundred dollars ($100) per calendar year upon presentation of invoices for the replacement of damaged articles of clothing.