Personnel Files, Strikes, Lockouts

Article 15. Personnel Files

15.01   Copies of documents placed on an employee’s personnel file which may, at any time, be the basis of disciplinary action, shall be supplied concurrently to the employee by registered mail or by hand. Copies of such documents shall also be supplied concurrently to the Local Union President who shall hold such in the strictest confidence. The employee shall acknowledge receiving such documents. Employees shall have the right to respond in writing to any documents placed in their file and their response shall also form part of their personnel file.

15.02   Any reprimand or warnings given in writing and becoming part of an employee’s file shall be destroyed after eighteen (18) months have elapsed, providing another warning or reprimand relating to a similar offence has not been given within that period.

15.03   When an employee has a grievance, those copies referred to in Clause 15.01 and retained in the personnel file will be made available to the employee.

15.04   An employee shall have, on giving reasonable notice, access to the employee’s personnel file.

15.05   Copies of documents in an employee’s personnel file may be made available to the employee, on request.

15.06   There shall be only one (1) recognized personnel file and that file will be the one (1) maintained by the Department of Human Resources.

15.07   This file, referred to in Clause 15.06, shall not contain any anonymous material. Employees have the right to challenge any document found in the employee’s file.

Article 16. Strikes and Lockouts

16.01   In view of the orderly procedure for settling grievances the Employer agrees that it will not cause or direct, during the term of this Agreement, any lockout of its employees and the Union agrees that during the term of this Agreement there will be no strike or other collective action which will stop, curtail, or interfere with the Employer’s operations.