Resignations, Terminations

Article 22. Resignations and Terminations

22.01   An employee is expected to give reasonable notice of the employee’s intention to resign, having in mind the nature of the employee’s duties and responsibilities and the probable time required to secure a suitable replacement. Such notice should not in any case be less than two (2) weeks.

22.02   If an employee leaves the employment of the University without proper notice of termination, as provided for by these rules or during the period of such notice, the employee’s salary shall cease as from the date on which the employee last performed the employee’s duties at the University.

Subject to Article 19 (Seniority) the appointment of an employee who has been confirmed in an established post may be terminated with reasonable notice for any reason related to the closure of a Department or Section, or change in Departmental or University structure, which negates the function of the employee’s appointment or involves an adjustment in employees performing such functions. The University agrees to consult the Union prior to taking such action.

In the case of such terminations, every effort will be made to place the employee in a suitable post for which the employee is qualified by education, training, or experience. The employee shall be given three (3) months’ notice of such action. Where the appointment of an employee is terminated under this Clause, the employee shall receive a severance grant of:

  1. In the case of an employee with at least one (1) year’s continuous service but not in excess of five (5) years’ continuous service — two (2) days’ pay for each year of service.
  2. In the case of an employee with continuous service in excess of five (5) years but not in excess of ten (10) years’ continuous service — five (5) days’ pay for each year of service.
  3. In the case of an employee with continuous service in excess of ten (10) years — seven (7) days’ pay for each year of service.

Fractions of a year of service shall be computed to the nearest 1/2 day of severance grant.

22.04   For the purpose of this Article, periods of Long Term Disability or other periods of authorized leave without pay provided for under the terms of the Collective Agreement, shall not be regarded as a break in continuous service and shall be counted as service in determining whether or not the employee has achieved the threshold defined in Article 22.03 (1), (2) or (3); Periods of Long Term Disability or authorized leave without pay up to a maximum of fifty-two (52) weeks shall be counted as service in the calculation of the severance grant. Periods of layoff shall not be counted as service in the calculation of the severance grant nor shall it interrupt the accumulation of service accrued to that point, or in determining the threshold.