Absence, Exams, Legislation

Article 35. Absence from the University

35.01   No payment of salary shall be made in respect of any period during which an employee is absent from the employee’s duties without approved leave.

35.02   When an employee is unable, for any reason, to report to work, it is the employee’s responsibility to notify the employee’s Department Head or Supervisor at the earliest opportunity.

Article 36. Medical Examinations

36.01   An employee may be required to undergo, without cost to such employee, medical examinations by a physician, in the following cases:

  1. Consistent absence due to sickness or other disabilities.
  2. Deterioration in the performance of duties.
  3. In order to obtain periodic certificates of health where these are required.

Article 37. Future Legislation

37.01   In the event that any law passed by the Government applying to employees covered by this Agreement renders null and void any provision of this Agreement, the remaining provisions of the Agreement shall remain in effect for the term of this Agreement.

37.02   If legislation results in greater rights or benefits than are in effect under this Agreement, such rights or benefits shall be deemed to form part of and be applicable to this Agreement.