Membership Meetings

Section 4. Membership Meetings — Regular and Special

4.1   Regular membership meetings shall be held once a month from September to May at a time, date and place as set by the Executive Board at least one month before the meeting date.

4.2   For all membership meetings efforts will be made to establish a link between the members of St. John’s and Corner Brook. In the event that a link cannot be established the meeting in St. John’s will proceed and the members of Corner Brook will hold an information session at a later date.

4.3   Commencing January 2002, the Annual General Meeting will become a Biennial General Meeting at which time the election of officers shall take place. All other committees shall be elected at the next regular monthly meeting following the Biennial General Meeting.

4.4   Special membership meetings may be ordered by the Executive Board or requested in writing by not fewer than 25 members. When presented with such a request the President shall call a special meeting within 14 calendar days and shall see that all members receive at least 48 hours notice of the special meeting and the subject(s) to be discussed. No business shall be transacted at the special meeting other than that for which the meeting is called and notice given.

  1. A quorum for the transaction of business at any regular meeting shall be 15 and at any special meeting shall be 25, including three members of the Executive Board for each.
  2. In the event of no quorum, members who have signed the roll book shall be deemed as having attended a regular meeting for the purposes of eligibility for election to executive positions and schools, conventions, etc.
  3. In the event of no quorum for a regular membership meeting or special meeting, the Executive Board shall have the power to appoint delegates to conventions, schools, seminars, etc.; also to vote contributions to strike appeals and charity. All subsequent decisions shall be reported back for ratification at the next regular monthly meeting.

4.5   Members, in good standing, who regularly attend general monthly meetings who, at times, are prohibited from attending a meeting can request to be marked as ‘present’. This request must be made 3 days prior to a membership meeting. Such requests will be subject to approval by the Executive Board. If the member’s request is approved, it will not count towards quorum.

4.6   The order of business at regular membership meetings is as follows (Article B.6.1):

  1. Roll call of officers.
  2. Equality statement
  3. Reading of Minutes of Previous Meeting.
  4. Matters arising out of the Minutes.
  5. Treasurer’s Report.
  6. Communications and Bills.
  7. Executive Board Report.
  8. President’s Report
  9. Reports of Committees and Delegates.
  10. Nominations, Elections or Installations.
  11. Unfinished Business.
  12. New business.
  13. Good of the Union.
  14. Adjournment.

4.7   Pending sufficient funds in the Local’s operating/chequing account, the Local shall provide supper to members at general monthly and special meetings scheduled between 5:00pm – 6:30pm.