You Are The Union

A few “DOs” and “DON’Ts” calculated to test the sincerity of we who are the Union:


  • Do study the Constitution.
  • Do study the By-Laws.
  • Do study the Collective Agreement.
  • Do attend as many meetings as possible.
  • Do get acquainted with the Steward in your Department.
  • Do learn the difference between a legitimate grievance and complaint whether such be frivolous or well founded.
  • Do memorize the Order of Business and follow it when attending meetings (and when in doubt, ask guidance of the Chair).
  • Do think before we vote!


  • Don’t say “Why doesn’t the Union” instead of “Why don’t we …?”
  • Don’t stay away from meetings and gripe about “unwise” decisions afterwards.
  • Don’t go “over the head” of our Steward.
  • Don’t think that if things are not to our liking there just isn’t anything we as individuals can do about it.
  • Don’t believe the Union is not vitally important to us. Next to our home and family, the Union is our most important interest.
  • Don’t leave this list at home — carry it at all times.